Filmmaking Links:

-Picture This: A comprehensive, media-rich web site of tutorials and resources for integrating video production into your classroom.

-Learn This-Resources: A robust list of video production web resources Great articles about video production from basic to advanced techniques

-Indy Mogul Youtube Channel: A great collection of DIY videos for Hollywood-style special effects.

-Getting Great Video from a Mobile Phone: A Videomaker magazine articles with tips for getting the highest quality film possible with your mobile device.

-Camera Shots: Names and examples of different camera shots from Media College that can enhance your video.

-Engaging Students in Video Production and Movie Making in the Classroom: A detailed presentation put together by Sony and Tech & Learning.

-The Basics of Video Editing: A series of articles compiled by LifeHacker introducing introductory principles of video editing.

-Video in the Classroom: A guide with steps and examples of using video in your classroom


Filmmaking Templates:

-Plan out your Video with a Successful Storyboard” by Don Goble: How to use a storyboard to plan your video-including storyboard templates

-Shooting script: Part of the Storyguide resources for planning your film. The Two Column Script download is a great resource.

-Preproduction Checklist: An in-depth check list for film preproduction made by UCSC.